so, i have HSV-1 (oral herpes) on my genitals. i know it’s weird but my boyfriend gets cold sores and gave it to me through oral sex. when i take a blood test it only shows up as oral herpes, so i was just curious is this something i should inform future sexual partners? i haven’t had an outbreak since the initial contraction of the virus.

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  • Azyrel


    You should inform future partners, I personally know a couple with the same story and they both ended up with genital herpes. But, luckily, as long as you have no outbreaks present you probably won’t be passing it on to them.

    • Sarahtiva


      I definitely agree. Telling a new partner can be scary, but it weeds out the people who weren’t into you for the right reasons from the start. Always inform a new partner bc you care for their protection 💕

  • silentsleep


    I tell every partner I have! It's a hard thing to do but I think it's what's right. I got it the same way, through oral contact

  • asdf


    I have HSV1 on my genitals as well. I have always told everyone I was about to be intimate with - I honestly wish whoever I got it from told me (but they might not have known - it’s also why I try to talk about STIs before getting intimate too now). You can still pass it when it’s not present, but it’s a lot less likely - I definitely only recommend having sex when it’s not present and you don’t feel any symptoms to be safe. And it’s just safest to use protection because you (even they) also might not know what they might have - they could always lie too.

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