Hey guys how do you handle tiredness and pain when walking or standing too long? Is there anything that helps? meds, mobility aids, therapy’s anythinggg I’m 20 and the past year and half it’s been getting worse and I’m getting tired or in pain a lot faster

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

acute lethargy

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  • flowerchild217


    I take a hot bath in Epsom salt, the muscule relief one. I also rotate between Tylenol and ibuprofen. Heating pad and ice packs help rotate those as well.

  • Ark1


    Tired while standing could be POTS or another form of dysautonomia. If you have this, you can increase salt and water and do floor exercises. These will help condition you to be able to stand longer or walk without crashing.

  • Ornith


    Along with medications, salt tablets have helped me a lot with similar symptoms (POTS). I take 12 Vitassium buffered electrolyte salt capsules a day (~6g salt) on doctor's orders and it really helps a lot. Make sure to stay hydrated. I usually average about 100oz of water a day, and I've improved significantly.

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