I'm worried my social anxiety is getting worse.

Social Anxiety

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  • Cherri_Taylor


    What’s going on , what’s wrong?

    • Dazai


      Im not very good at explaining but,when I don't socialize with anyone for a few days I find it hard to even try to speak to them because my fear of them judging me even if I know they don't

      • Cherri_Taylor


        I’ll definitely understand. I have the same problem I overthink I think people think I’m weird or something or wonder what they are thinking about me. Especially girls because women like to have other girls as friends . I have that bad.

  • no_jujitsu


    Get discord join any sever and get comfy with people in there like chat with them then you have to start joining other servers and than join voice chat you might be shy but always remember match whatever is throw at you

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