I'm a teen mom with several medical conditions and would like to find other moms or just other people in the same shoes as me.

Postpartum Depression (PPD)

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  • Cely


    Hiiii I’m a teen mom too!!

  • Cely


    It’s hard being a teen mom and most people don’t realize what we go through

  • Hass5


    I'm not a teen mom, but I am a mom and dealing with several medical issues as well. Here if you need.

  • bellcilia


    I was 19 when I had my baby I'm 20 now but I have several health conditions and another baby on the way I'm always open to talk 😊

  • Livia121


    I just turned 20 when I had my baby! ❤️ and got ALOT going on mentally 😅😭❤️ feel free to reach out

  • A.Zuni


    I am not a teen mom but I am dealing with a lot of medical issues. I have a 8 month old son. I had my first MC when I was 19. We can talk if you’d like.

  • rose_1234


    Im a teen mom toooo

  • Hotshot


    Hey I'm a teen mom 2 🤗

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