So I got really sick on April 1st I battled with nausea and vomiting for the whole month and still continued well into may….it’s now June I’m feeling a lot better but still have times where I feel nausea my gi doctor wants me to get a colonoscopy I’m terrified of being put to sleep and the fact I’m feeling better makes me want to skip it all together plus I’ve lost faith in our medical system beings tho I’ve been told I’m fine multiple times is the colonoscopy worth me getting or should I ride it out and see if I continue to get well


Nausea and Vomiting


Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

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  • Meg678


    What other symptoms do you have? Do you battle constipation? Diarrhea? Blood in stool or on toilet paper? Have you ever had an endoscopy? Do you have heavier than normal periods? Do you have painful periods? (I don't know your gender)

  • pinky01


    Have you been tested for h. Pylori. Sounds like some people ive known that have had that as an issue

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