I want to use fidget and stim toys in school and work but I am afraid of people’s reactions. What should I do.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • tekoi


    I think it's more important to feel okay in your head than to worry about what someone else thinks about the stims. If they're someone who'd judge you for a stim toy, are they the kind of people you want to befriend anyway?

  • Rudolf


    I find fidget toys super helpful especially in class and during tests. There are some that are smaller and don’t make a lot of noise if you’re worried about other people. But overall, I agree @tekoi. You’re own headspace is more important.

  • SpookyHorizonChick


    I have used stim toys in public a few times to ease my anxiety and manic ADHD moments. Honestly the most reaction I've gotten from them is people wanted to try them out or they make great conversation starters. I found I'm not a huge fan of the pop it things don't work well for me, it just isn't "satisfying" enough I think. But I do love things I can use and not have to focus on it while I do it. Good luck friend ❤️ And if someone has an issue they're probably jealous you have something cool theyre too afraid to use themselves!

  • Jade1


    You're taking care of yourself. They're too immature to appreciate and respect that.

  • Kelpy


    I would use some that are pretty lowkey and people will mind their business

  • Ruthieeee


    I have this kinetic finger roll thingy and it’s pretty cool !! It’s like a massage acupuncture fidget. It’s stimulating but it can also be discreet and u can have different colors. Either way, you deserve to feel okay and it doesn’t matter what other people think. Do what makes you feel comfortable !!

  • cary


    I would tobut now i use fogets

  • Alwayszozo


    I have a fidget ring I use it clicks and spins and pretty discreet

  • schmaslow


    I think it’s become more normalized over the years; I’ve openly used my fidget cube (it’s the best) in public before.

  • Benny_L


    if it’s helps you i think you should bring them into school. your focus matters more than how the people around you react

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