so my husband said he wanted a divorce, is brother gave us 30 days to move. then said husband goes back to doing the typical domestic crap that comes with marriage, just acting normal. then gets upset that I'm confused on where our relationship stands. it's making me feel crazy and I don't like it.


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  • Placebo1228


    I'm sorry you're going through that... Figure out what's best for you. You deserve better.

  • CrazyRabbitLady


    I'm so sorry, you deserve to be happy! As much as it may stress you, sitting down and talking with your husband to get things straightened out may really help. It may help at least make things a little clearer.

    • JenniLeighG47


      he's still recovering from a relapse with alcohol. He's just depressed and angry most of the time. That's why I was confused when it seemed like he had a moment of clarity for a few days

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