I'm so frustrated and feeling very hopeless right now about my health. The other day I got both a flu shot and the most recent covid booster in the same arm: I fully expected to be feeling crappy and everything for the next few days, but I have been doing so poorly lately that I didn't even feel like I had any side effects from the vaccines. If I did, I certainly couldn't tell amongst the blur of all my other symptoms.
I'm currently trying out Xifaxan, an antibiotic for ibs-d. I'm halfway through the antibiotic course, and I haven't seen any improvements. If this doesn't yield any results, I have no idea what I'm going to do next. I've tried diet changes, probiotics, massaging out the pain, and other medications. Nothing has l led to consistent relief.
Hopefully, someone else here has felt the same way and/or has found some solutions beyond what I've tried!



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  • princessbun


    I ended up never using that antibiotic due to insurance not covering it (it was $2000 for me! 😥) I used something otc called candibactin that worked amazingly well.. however I had proven sibo via breath test. Have you done this? Antibiotics won't help any form of ibs unless it is caused by sibo so I'm not sure why doctors are handing out very risky antibiotics without testing first 🤔 I hate that hopeless feeling. I understand it very well. Hopefully we can both get over this slump..

  • anemone


    have you tried fiber and/or miralax yet? if not, my pelvic pt said she's seen a lot of people see results with those for both constipation and diarrhea, so it could help. usually takes a few weeks to start working well and obviously wont want to try it until after the antibiotic is finished, but might be an option. i also want to caution you that different fiber powders may cause different levels of bowel distress - i find that the prebiotic unflavoured unsweetend kind works pretty well without causing too much issue. about the vaccine, i've had the same every time i got it, including a few weeks ago. sure, i've managed to notice the difference because i was looking for it, but it really felt no different to a kinda-worse regular day. (for example... i would say that today has been a lot worse than avg ::p but still just another day of being chronically ill.) definitely not the sudden steamrolling that most people describe. and i think that may also be a common experience for chronically ill people, so you're definitely not alone there. my partner, on the other hand, who is not chronically ill, always has to have chicken noodle soup and a good nap after getting vaccines. i think it just means we're used to it enough that it doesn't hit us very hard. something something silver lining, i guess

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