What is it?

POEMS syndrome is a rare blood disorder that damages your nerves and affects other parts of the body.

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Signs & symptoms

POEMS stands for these signs and symptoms:
* Polyneuropathy- Numbness, tingling and weakness in your legs- and over time, maybe in your hands- and difficulty breathing. This is an essential feature in the diagnosis of POEMS syndrome.
* Organomegaly- Enlarged spleen, liver or lymph nodes.
* Endocrinopathy/edema- Abnormal hormone levels that can result in an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), diabetes, sexual problems, fatigue, swelling in your limbs, and problems with metabolism and other essential functions.
* Monoclonal-protein- Abnormal bone marrow cells (plasma cells) that produce a protein (monoclonal protein) that can be found in the bloodstream. This is an essential feature in the diagnosis of POEMS syndrome. Monoclonal-protein is often associated with unusual bone hardening or thickening.
* Skin changes. More color than normal on your skin, red spots, possibly thicker skin, and increased facial or leg hair.


The diagnosis of POEMS syndrome is based on meeting its two mandatory criteria, meeting at least one of its 3 other major criteria, and meeting at least one of its 6 minor criteria.


There isn’t a cure for POEMS syndrome, but treatment can help manage symptoms. Treatments may include:
* Radiation therapy
* Chemotherapy
* Autologous stem cell transplant

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