What is it?

Parinaud syndrome (also known as dorsal midbrain syndrome) refers to a condition in which your eyes' ability to move up and down is impaired. Most cases are associated with problems in your tectal plate, which is a part of your midbrain.
Several things can cause Parinaud syndrome. It’s important to work with your doctor to figure out the underlying cause.
Parinaud syndrome can be caused by the followings:
- Stroke or a head trauma
- Neurological conditions
- Brain tumors located in the midbrain
- Toxoplasmosis infection which are infections caused mostly by infected meat or cats feces
- Hydrocephalus, which is a high volume of fluid in your cerebral chambers

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Signs & symptoms

In addition to the main sign of Parinaud's syndrome which is not being able to look up or down, others symptoms may appear as well, such as:
- Lack of pupil response to light
- Jerky eye movements (nystagmus)
- Blurry vision
- Slurred speech
- Weak legs or arms
- Gait issues
- Muscle spasms


Diagnosis of Parinaud's syndrome will most likely start with your doctor examining your eyes. Then, he or she may refer you to a CT or an MRI brain scans.
A lumber puncture may also be used to examine your cerebrospinal fluid. It may used to detect an inflammation, infection, trauma, neurological disease, or a high pressure of cerebrospinal fluid.


Treatment of Parinaud's syndrome should aim the underlying disease, making the diagnosis process critical. Many causes may require brain surgery, while others may require medications or may resolve spontaneously.

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