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A theory of leaky gut syndrome argues that intestinal permeability is not only a symptom but also an underlying cause of gastrointestinal diseases. Toxins may enter your bloodstream if your intestinal barrier is impaired. As a result of these toxins, various diseases may manifest as an inflammatory response.

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Additional names

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Signs & symptoms

Intestinal permeability does not directly cause symptoms. It is usually caused by injury to your intestinal lining, and you might experience symptoms as a result.
Here are some examples:

You feel as if you have an ulcer in your gut.

Intestinal mucosa loss causes painful indigestion.

Having diarrhea

Overgrowth of bacteria in your gut causes gas and bloating.

Reduced ability to draw energy from food results in low energy levels.

Radiation-induced gastrointestinal mucositis.


Intestinal hyperpermeability is not currently a medical diagnosis because there is no standard test to measure it directly in patients. Clinical research is currently investigating several types of tests for detecting intestinal permeability in patients. Among the tests are:

Test of the urine. The test involves drinking a solution containing different kinds of sugars with different sizes of molecules, some of which are not normally absorbed by the intestines. In order to determine which sugars made it through your gut, analysts measure the levels of sugar in your urine.

Testing of the blood. A sample of your blood is analyzed for evidence of gut bacteria infiltration. Analysts look for specific antibodies and endotoxins as biomarkers.

Biopsy of tissue. An Using chamber examines a sample of your intestinal tissue. Electrical current is used to measure ion transport across the intestinal barrier. Water transport is parallel to ion transport.

Optical endomicroscopy. An enhanced endoscopy allows scientists to examine your intestinal lining in high resolution and magnification. A contrast fluid injected into your vein may show up in your gut if there is a hole in the lining.


A leaky gut can only be cured by treating the underlying condition.

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