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Common peroneal nerve branches control the muscles in the legs that lift the ankles and toes. Injuries to the peroneal nerve can be caused by trauma and nerve compression, including:

Dislocation of the knee

Fractures of the leg or knee

Surgery to replace a knee or hip

Leg peroneal nerve compression

A tumor or cyst compressing the nerve sheath of the peroneal nerve

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Signs & symptoms

An inability to point the toes upward or raise the ankle (dorsiflexion)

Shin or foot pain, weakness, or numbness

Foot movement is impaired

In steppage or foot drop gait, the knee is raised higher than normal to clear the foot from the ground while the leg swings forward.


Doctors may order tests to evaluate how the muscles and nerves are functioning in order to locate and determine the extent of the nerve injury. These tests may include:

Electromyography measures muscle activity and response to nerve stimulation.

A nerve conduction study measures the speed and amount of electrical impulses that travel through a nerve.

Any of the following imaging techniques may also be ordered by the doctor:

CT scan




Depending on the location and degree of nerve damage, the doctor may prescribe different therapies. An underlying illness may cause the problem, so it is critical to address it.

Nonsurgical treatments, such as orthotics, braces, or foot splints that fit inside a person's shoe, can offer relief. Mobility can be improved through physical therapy and gait retraining.

Surgery on peripheral nerves may be required in some cases

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