What is it?

Hemangioma is usually a benign, non-cancerous, tumor that arises from abnormal growth of blood vessels.
Hemangiomas most commonly appear on the skin, where they look like a red-wine spot. Most hemangiomas emerge within a few days to weeks of birth; hence they are called "infantile hemangiomas". They can appear anywhere on the body but are more common on the head and face. Sometimes they are referred to as strawberry marks.
Skin hemangioma usually continues growing in the first year of life, then it slowly shrinks until disappearing entirely. In some cases, it remains throughout adulthood.
Another type of hemangiomas is hepatic hemangiomas, which are avascular tumors inside your liver. It is the most common benign liver tumor and is thought to be present from birth.

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Signs & symptoms

Skin Hemangiomas may look scary, but they don't usually cause any symptoms or harm.
Liver hemangiomas are also usually not noticeable, but they can grow during pregnancy or hormonal treatment, causing pain in the upper part of your belly.


A doctor can diagnose a hemangioma of the skin just by looking at it.
Liver hemangiomas are usually found accidentally on an imaging test, like ultrasound, done for another reason. After completing a physical exam, your doctor will order blood tests to check your liver functions. In most cases, these tests are sufficient for diagnosis.


Treatment for skin hemangiomas is usually unnecessary. If the hemangioma is persistent, causing discomfort, or there is a concern it will harm your sight or breathing, treatment will be needed.
Treatment may include oral medication, Ointments or laser surgery.
Treatment for liver hemangioma depend on its size. A small hemangioma does not require any treatment, while large or persistently growing hemangioma may require surgical intervention.

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