What is it?

Dermatitis Herpetiformis is an itchy skin disease. It is characterized by clusters of small blisters and bumps. The symptoms usually begin around the age of 20 and are rare in children. It affects more men than women. This rash affects about 10 percent of people with celiac disease.
Although the name, herpes virus does not cause dermatitis herpetiformis. It is caused by a sensitivity or intolerance to gluten. The gluten triggers an immune response that causes antibodies to be deposited in the skin, and this is what causes the rash.

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Signs & symptoms

Clusters of itchy, small blisters and bumps, commonly on the elbows, lower back, buttocks, knees, and back of the head. The rash is severe itching and burning. The distribution of the rash is symmetric.


The diagnosis of dermatitis herpetiformis is based on medical history and physical examination. The diagnosis is usually confirmed by skin biopsy and an immunofluorescent stain that helps identify the IgA antibodies. In addition, certain antibodies can be found in blood test


Dermatitis Herpetiformis may be well-controlled with treatment.
A strict gluten-free diet can help with the symptoms, but it takes time until you can see the improvement. The diet can also eliminate the need for medicines and prevent later complications.
An antibiotic called Dapsone is very effective. If intolerant or allergic to Dapsone, topical or systemic steroids, Sulfapyridine, and
Rituximab can be useful.

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