What is it?

Cholinergic urticaria is a type of hives induced by an increase in body temperature. Sweating or exercising usually causes it to develop. It is more common for Cholinergic urticaria to appear and disappear on its own after a few hours.

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Signs & symptoms

A wheal is a small, raised bump on the skin
A reddened area around the bumps
An itchy feeling

Additionally, you may experience symptoms unrelated to your skin's surface. There are several of these:

abdominal pain


Their diagnosis may be as simple as evaluating your symptoms and talking with you about them.
Your doctor may order tests to gather more information about the condition. Among them are:

A passive warming test raises your body temperature with warm water or an elevated room temperature. Your doctor can observe how your body reacts to increased heat.
A methacholine skin challenge test: Your doctor injects methacholine into your body and observes the reaction.
The exercise challenge test involves exercising and watching for symptoms of CU. During the test, you may also be measured with other medical instruments.


You may be able to treat mild symptoms by changing your lifestyle
CU can be managed by modifying your exercise routine and avoiding hot situations.
In order to prevent and treat CU, your doctor may prescribe antihistamines.
The amount of sweat you produce may also be controlled with medication.

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