What is it?

Benign neoplasms of the vulva include cysts and lesions that are not cancerous, meaning that they cannot spread. Some of the benign neoplasms include:
Bartholin gland cyst- The Bartholin glands are located on the sides of the vaginal lips, secreting lubricants. If the opening of these glands is blocked, painless swelling may develop.
Skene’s cyst- the Skene’s glands are found near the urethral opening.
Conditions that affect the vulvar skin tend to itch and include:
Lichen sclerosis- a chronic skin condition that affects the vulva or anus.
Genital warts are growths of skin that are caused due to HPV infection.
Squamous cell hyperplasia is a thickened area of skin.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Vestibular papillomatosis

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms of of benign neoplasms may include pain during urination, pain during sex, itching, and urinary tract infections.


Diagnosis of benign neoplasms of the vulva begins with medical history and physical examination, which is focused on the pelvic area. Then, a biopsy may be taken for the lesion and sent to microscopic evaluation.


Treatment depends on the specific problem but may include conservative treatment, draining of the cysts, marsupialization, surgical removal of the cysts, corticosteroid creams for lichen sclerosis and avoiding soaps and irritants.

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