What is it?

A benign, non-cancerous, kidney tumor is a type of growth that will not spread outside your kidney to the rest of your body. Usually these tumors will be removed surgically and will not come back.
A benign tumor rarely causes symptoms, and in most cases, it is found accidentally in an imaging test done for another reason.
The tumor can appear in one kidney, or in both.
There are many different types of benign neoplasms, or tumors, in the kidney, some of the common types are papillary renal adenoma, oncocytoma and angiomyolipoma.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Angiomyolipoma
- Benign Neoplasm of Ureter
- Benign Neoplasm of Urethra
- Benign Neoplasm of Bladder
- Benign Neoplasm of Kidney
- Benign Neoplasm of Renal Pelvis

Signs & symptoms

Most benign tumors do not cause any signs and symptoms.
Rarely, the tumor grows and can cause pain and the upper belly, side and back. Sometimes it may cause blood in the urine.


Some tumors require only a CT scan to be diagnosed. Other may required a biopsy, meaning a small part of your tumor will be taken out and examined under the microscope.


Treatment options are:
-Surgery to remove the tumor completely- this is the main approach at most cases.
-Active surveillance- your tumor will be monitored 2-4 times a year, with CT, MRI or Ultrasound, to check if it changes over time. If it keeps on growing, you might be needing a surgery.
-Ablation of the tumor- freezing or heating your tumor can be an option if surgery cannot be done.

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