What is it?

A benign, non-cancerous, adrenal tumor is a type of growth that will not spread outside your adrenal gland to the rest of your body. It may grow locally, but it is usually not a life-threatening disease.
The Adrenal glands are located above your kidneys, one on each side. It has two parts- the cortex and the medulla.
Its main job is to secret hormones. The various hormones help maintain normal blood pressure, produce a stress response in your body, and regulate kidney function.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Benign pheochromocytoma

Signs & symptoms

There are several types of adrenal gland tumors, most of them does not cause any symptoms.
Other types of tumors can lead to overproduction of hormones, and cause symptoms because of that. Symptoms vary depending on the type of hormone secreted


In most cases, the tumor is found accidentally in an imaging test done for another reason.
To complete the diagnosis the doctor will question you regarding relevant symptoms and history of malignancies. He or she will complete a full physical exam.
Blood test- to check if your tumor secrets hormones.


If your tumor is small, doesn’t cause any symptoms and your hormonal levels are normal- usually no treatment is needed.
If the tumor is large or it secrets hormones, your doctor might offer to remove the tumor surgically.

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