YOU. Yes you reading this.

You are doing such a good job. Keep it up. Nah uh! Shush! Did you get up? Fold clothes? Brush teeth? Eat? Drink? Did you breathe? Good job! You are doing amazing and I'm proud of you. You are alive and that takes so much strength and so much effort. You could have given up but you haven't yet and you are still here.

Now, you go and get yourself your favorite dish for being here. Go treat yourself, you do deserve it whether you believe it or not. Get a cookie, candy, maybe it can be that dish at that restaurant you love so much or maybe that drink you fancy at that place.

I believe in you, keep pushing forward even if it seems hard. Give yourself a break, don't be hard on yourself.

Like a wise person once said "Even the word hopeless has hope in it, and if you rearrange the letters it spells pee slosh" - some wise person


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Anxiety (Including GAD)

Brain Tumor

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  • Zuma


    Great advice! ❤️

  • KittyRosa


    This us very nice. Also pee slosh 🤣🤣🤣

    • IAmTired247


      it does spell pee slosh 😂

  • alyssa25


    Thank you so much I needed to hear this

    • IAmTired247


      you're welcome, just know I'll always be proud of you, even if you you just wake up, you have accomplished so much already 🤗

  • Neuco


    Thank you. This was really nice to hear today🤗

    • IAmTired247


      I'll be here if you need cheering on from a stranger! Just always look back to this if you ever need it! 🤗

  • minime273


    I love this

  • slaymaster


    this means a lot and is the mindset i’ve been trying to have lately… everyone deserves a treat!!

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