My heart rate won't go down and my doctor hasn't put me on any and I'm worried. what should I do?

Chronic Tachycardia

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  • AlexisTheCat


    Focus on breathing... there's techniques you can try when it spikes... I say the 5 rule... breath in for 5 seconds... then out for 5 seconds... eyes closed... quiet place.

  • IAmZeMedic


    My therapist told me to bite into a lemon or an orange like and apple to bring my senses down to earth. Rather than focusing on my heart, You now focus of the bitter or sour tastes. I've done it a few times and it seems to work well, but not for long. I also do you agree that breathing exercises are a big part of it. When I get that initial feeling of an episode coming on I try and breathe deeply, in nose, and out mouth.

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