when you feel a seizure coming on, is there a way to prevent it from happening? all I've gotten so far is a way to extend the time before it happens which causes me pain

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  • MandazInTC


    I think it depends on what the cause of your seizures are. I read in an article once that if you hold an ice pack, it could stop the seizure because your body is now reacting to the "danger" of the cold. I never got the chance to try it in the past, but I know coming out of a seizure that helped me tremendously too.

    • pandamoose


      so during a seizure if someone like puts an ice pack on my skin it could get me to come out of it quicker and easier?

      • MandazInTC


        Yes. I had ice packs where I could to recover faster. I seem to be temperature dependent for seizures and migraines. For the article, getting the ice before could prevent it all together.

  • ChronicChillness


    CBD helps me. Whenever I feel them coming I usually tell my caregiver (fiance) and thru administer the CBD and it helps almost instantly.

  • RavenJord


    Same. I've found out I can push it back a bit or fight it off, long enough to get to a safe place or something, but it always makes the seizure worse and usually causes a relapse seizure after the initial one.

    • Boo2004


      the same happens to me

  • willowlake


    I try to ground myself, but it sometimes gets too strong

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