when I dream about him cheating on me in the past he normally is (normally I just feel it and know) last night I dreamed he's on drugs. I don't know what to do I still love him and our baby girl still needs her daddy.


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  • David1212


    Hi, is it just your thoughts that he is cheating on you or using drugs, or is it based on something established? I think you have every right to come and talk to him about these things, whether you want to or not you are a family now and have a girl to raise together. I think if he loves you and your girl he will have to change his ways. If these thoughts are only in your head, I suggest that you share them with him as well, maybe he will have something to say or how to prove to you that you are wrong and that it is just in your head.

    • RainbowMommy18


      I can't talk to him that's the problem. He's cheated on me since I was pregnant with our daughter and she's almost 4. I know he's been cheating cause I have proof of it he lied about it up till I showed him I had proof.

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