what treatments work for you on your back pain? lidocaine patches take away the surface pain but don't really get rid of my pain when I move, and icy hot does the same. ibuprofen and stretches do not help, and cannabis takes my mind off of the pain until I move a certain way for it to flare up. I'm so desperate for something to get rid of my pain besides muscle relaxers, because I'm seeing my doctor so often just to get those since they don't do an OTC version that I've found. today is my 5th flare up (roughly) in about a year. It seems to me my back pain is just getting worse

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  • JayLee13


    I always have a heating pad near by, like one in every room. It helps me so much!!

  • Belugabear


    Heating pads and tens machines both help me a lot!

    • weirdestpotato


      I forgot to add, heat and ice don't help and I'm currently in PT but again, it seems to make my back worse rather than help

  • pizza2


    Has the doc given you a diagnosis? Told you what is causing the pain? Cause depending on the cause I may have ideas.

    • CarissaB


      hi I’m just curious as to what ideas you have on what the diagnosis could be? I have been experiencing the same thing for a long time now and I’d love to be pointed into the right direction!

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