What happens if I suddenly stop taking sertraline? A lot has been happening lately and I didn't take my meds for like 3 days and now I feel really tired but also filled with anxiety. I wanna crawl out of my skin, it's so bad


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  • Poopyfacetomatonose


    Hey! I experienced really bad mood swings the first 3 days as well as really bad irritability and I was super depressed. I can relate to you and I'm super sorry. They have issues refilling my medicine on time so it doesn't always line up. I also had really bad anxiety. This is technically "normal" because of the side effects list.

  • allie.a


    The times I’ve forgotten to take my antidepressants my main side effects were feeling dizzy and these electric-pulse type feelings in my head. I’d find that usually it would take about a week for my mood to restabilize after forgetting them for >1 day.

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