what do you guys do with mild chest tightness and mild chest pain?

Chest pain

Acetylsalicylic Acid

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

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  • jazzi


    i am dealing with that right now. my mom and i have set up an appointment with my doctor just to get checked out. other than that i’ve been taking tylenol

    • FFCarebear


      okay thanks. Good luck with your doctor appointment.

  • NoMoreGoogleResearch


    Sometimes anxiety attacks could feel like chest pains but I don’t think it would hurt to take baby aspirin

  • redneckmom36


    With chf I always have chest pains now that I'm at 35% I can't do anything with out having sharp pains and I can't sleep flat without coughing up red flem.

  • FefeAnn


    I have angina along with Left side CHF. I have PRN nitro and take a baby aspirin daily. I usually call my cardiologist if I have issues. No matter if it seems minor to me

  • beasty


    What if you can't take over the counter medications or baby aspirin because u break out what can you take

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