What do you guys do to help ease the pain? at this point in my current Endo flare I can't even get out of bed



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  • Barrfamily


    The heating pad or hot and cold roll stuff

  • trademarkspoonie


    I’m so sorry. Definitely a heat pad. I know this seems crazy, and I ignored the advice for years, but light exercise truly helps. If you can just get to a point to make yourself walk and pick up the pace as much as you can to brisk and do it for like 15 minutes, that light movement truly does help. I truly fought it for years and just said I couldn’t do it and still am at that point at times, but I’ve noticed if I can keep that going it helps and keeps flares down.

  • 100Percent_K


    Excision, PT, norethindrone, and pain management are honestly the 4 best things I’ve tried. With endo you do qualify for pelvic pain management and I would definitely ask your GYN or primary about getting a referral

  • loralies


    Ibuprofen before your cycle starts, heating pad, take a bath, the sans period treatment was best for me. I am no longer battling with my endo I had a hysterectomy in 2016.

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