What should I expect on wellbutrin? I just started today, are there any side effects that I should worry about?

acute lethargy


Wellbutrin Xr • Type: Oral

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Freakshow


    In my experience it made me not want to eat from a stomach ache and gave me some fatigue.

  • pastelolly


    I'm in the same boat as you! Starting on Wellbutrin myself 💕

  • Bre19


    Hope it goes ok for you

  • klazikel


    For me, I had no side effects and I've been taking it for over 20 years now.

  • princesspeony23


    I had side effects for the first 6 days but then they faded. The only lasting side effect is oddly a bit of a vision impairment, but I'm farsighted and it's just seemed to magnify that like i can't really read for more than like 5 to 10 minutes without a break but I'd take that over major depression any day. I had crazy insomnia the first few days, i slept like 5 hours over two days and it wasn't consecutive, but I wasn't fatigued from it the next days because of the energy it replenished me with. I take the regular sr twice a day which works well for me. I had a slight loss of appetite the first 6 days or so as well, and my vision was very blurry that first week. I started wearing my old glasses again and that helps a lot (eye docs said i didn't need them so i stopped wearing bc of ballroom dancing). I also had gotten addicted to vaping when I'd never gotten addicted to nicotine before even when i had a refillable vape for a little while i just put/gave it away and never thought of it again. But I got hooked on the stronger disposables cause that was my self harm if you will, i was embarrassed about it so the doc suggested this med for both and i took one hit of a friend's on the 4th day and by day 6 I was over it and wasn't even triggered anymore. I know I probably have a very short timeline for the med kicking in and sure effects fading, they say around 2 weeks or a month is normal so I would be prepared to stick it out for that just in case!

  • princesspeony23


    Hope it's gone well for ya

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