Does anyone feel like you've used up enough favors for a few lifetimes? I've been seriously sick and in need of major help a number of times. Thankfully I have a large support system of family and a few friends who do mean it when they say they're here to help. I've had no choice but to receive help and I am grateful for it.
Because of this, I don't want to ever ask for anything. I'm without a vehicle right now, and even though I'm in constant pain I choose to walk 2 miles each way to and from work instead of asking for a ride. I don't even like when strangers hold the door open for me or provide a simple gesture. I constantly feel like I'm in debt I can never repay so I don't want to add to it.
Please tell me this makes sense to someone else?! :(


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  • songSungblue30315


    This may be an empty comment to your overall problem that I don't want to downplay. But most people hold the door open or other basic niceties because it's some sort of trained behavior. They're doing it more for themselves (I'm being a good person!) than for you...if that helps you know that you're not taking up anyone's energy when you accept little things like that.

  • Kaitikins


    I understand it. I literally live 2 minutes away from work, if that. If I feel bad, they tell me to go home. I hate that. If my bf is working, someone offers to take me home, but I hate it.

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