I get these unwanted thoughts...Sometimes bad ones, but I was taught "let them be" they are just thoughts. But I keep getting the feeling I want to start over.... I'm 34, married, 2 step kids, no bio kids. I LOVE them and my wife, but also feel like I live for others happiness. :/

Anyone else?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Moppy2.0


    This is a tough one and tbh I doubt I am qualified to give advice here. But as I see it, if you feel loved then it may just be an early mid life crisis thing. Feeling loved by those you love is something I wish I had back. The thoughts may be persistent but honestly they are likely only there due to a curiosity rather than a desire.

    • xPORFIRIOx


      Thabks :) I don't know what I feel. Sometimes I feel like I'm just "convenient" for everyone but that might be my self-loathing. Idk...I appreciate your response. I hope you find what you're looking for. Tbh I never wanted kids in my life and they put most of the strain on. I know...I'm a horrible person. But it is what it is

      • FTW


        that doednt make you a horrible person. If anything, it makes you an amazing person. You stay for your family. That says a lot!

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