Is anyone else on Cymbalta having unpleasant dreams?


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  • Nicole_J


    Yes they got to where they didnt come as often but im off of it now so

  • TrebleNurturer


    I had such vivid, strange dreams after starting Cymbalta. They were not usually unpleasant, just odd. I’m so sorry yours are unpleasant. I think it does get less over time.

  • ForbiddenPretzel


    I did have stranger dreams but never felt fear or terror. I also take minipress (forgot the other name) which helps with night terrors I had been experiencing.

  • spicysugar


    Yeah, it comes in with why it can sometimes cause tremors aswell. A lot of the time blood pressure has an affect on nightmares so lots of nightmare meds are also blood pressure meds

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