unemployed broke college student and I can't hold down or find a new job. I'm starting to think that I don't deserve to be alive anymore.

Bipolar disorder with psychotic features

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  • LonelyInKC


    Not true. You deserve to live. I hope you find some meaningful work but in the meantime use some of your free time to do something kind for yourself

  • wabe


    I've never managed to keep a job longer than a couple months. I even got fired from a volunteer job! I tried college 3 times but only manage 3 terms and am back in the hospital suicidal. I did finally get my floral design certificate but got fired from that job too. I did manage to raise my 3 kids, who all have good jobs now. I also took care of my mom for 2 years and my boyfriend's mom for 3 years. I've been married 4 times, divorced 3. Life with bipolar disorder isn't easy but I do keep trying. I finally seem to be in a stable relationship and life is good. I still have to be aware of what I'm feeling though. Suicidal ideation can sneak up on me when I least expect it. Hang in there 🤗

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