Today for some reason I feel so down ive been fighting trying to hold back mu tears Im 35 years old mu mom passed away About 7 years ago im
Just really missing her so much .😭


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  • BearsMom


    I’m so sorry for your loss. My husband died when I was 24. And my best friend died a couple years ago. I feel on the verge of tears like every waking minute. I hate it.

  • JoMo


    I'm sorry for your loss. Some days grief just hits you different, and it's usually when you least expect it. Depression doesn't help either. Have you talk to a counselor? They can be really good getting through grief.

  • HarryPotter


    I am so sorry. I learned my uncle committed suicide at 13 and remember that every day that was all I could think about I could not pay attention in school it was awful. I remember every night for the next week getting horrible sleep because I would cry every night. Don't hold back your tears (unless you are in public) crying is a way to cope with these things.

  • stormagadon


    🫂 hugs

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