TLDR: I want to ask my therapist about getting a Service Dog, but she has a history of simply not reacting to things I tell her, or when I say something doesn't work for me. I'm nervous about how our Protector will react if she says no or doesn't react, as she's simply seemed to ignore their existence in the past. I've been high-strung on anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations lately as well, which resulted in a bizzare split that I'm also nervous to bring up to my therapist, even though I want to. We'll drop her if she ignores us again but for now I just need comfort/advice.

Hey! So, I'm looking into getting a Service Dog. I'm really nervous about asking my therapist about it because when I told her about her system she didn't react at all and seemed to just...not hear anything I said about it. Furthermore, when I was "reality shifting" and had really high anxiety because of it, she just told me to use grounding techniques. When I told her we've tried every one we came across and none worked with the reality breaking thing, she just told us to try (again, seeming to ignore it), and with anxiety, told us to use a single thing we'd told her had worked. We've told her multiple times if we overuse it it stops working, she talks over or ignores us every time.

What's worse is I think it'll be our Protector asking - he's the biggest dog person - so I'm worried about the reaction if she brushes us off again, especially if she ignores their existence like last time he tried to go to therapy.

On top of that we've been having high-strung anxiety and paranoia lately, for the last day and a half or so paired with decently bad hallucinations (we'll be on meds for the last one next week, currently waiting to be on meds for our physical disability for a week), and because of the consequential crack and breakdown I split, and then...they...split? Idk it's weird and bizzare and I don't understand it at all, but it's something I desperately want to talk to someone about, but that person might just ignore us again :/.

Protector said we'll drop the therapist if she ignores us about something again, so if that's your recommendation it's already covered (ty though), but it'd be great for some comfort and/or advice please?

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