What techniques do you use to help you stay focused or to set a routine for yourself?

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  • Crowsasgods


    I set alarms... I sometimes miss them but they help. Especially when I can put music.

  • rylesmcgyles


    One area I suffer from the most with ADHD is lack of motivation, and because I also have other health issues like chronic fatigue, it makes doing things a lot harder. I use the 2 hour rule. I set alarms on my phone for every 2 hours and I give myself 1 task (that’s it) to complete in that hour. If I get it done, then I can relax or do something that brings back the dopamine, or if I feel like, complete more tasks. I’ve found this makes completing things easier and less overwhelming. Hope this helps! :)

  • SalineTurnip


    I make a lot of lists and set a lot of alarms.

  • Magpi


    Alarms for things like medication reminders. I also as a former gifted and talented kid find I benefit from external instructions and praise so I provide my tasks to my partner and my best friend and they pick a thing for me to focus on and then report back in when done. Also it's annoying but I also have found that because I forgot things I need to stop what I'm doing and go do a task or make note of it to do later if I can't do it immediately as soon as I remember it.

  • Spaz97


    Music, listening to music can help distract you from extra thoughts so you can focus more on what you're doing

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