Tips on getting use to sleeping alone... things that may make me feel more comfortable? Anything really...

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  • Leia2022


    If I get really lonely I snuggle up with my cats. I also found that sleeping on my couch helps because it doesn't feel so empty. I also like listening to rainsounds or sleep casts on headspace. If you don't want to pay, then you can just do the free trial and keep making new profiles and canceling. That's what I do. My favorite sleepcast on there is Rainday Antiques. The narrator has a very soothing voice. I like listening to audio books that I've read the story before. Herbal tea or milk help calm me. I've got lots of things I do for this. And just remember that it gets easier. 💕

    • Deelay


      this is really helpful thank you so much 🥺🤍

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