Been feeling extremely down all day and can’t shake it… on how to combat relentless depression? Been dealing with it since I woke up this morning 😔 in truth it’s been kicking my butt all week, but today it’s being extra harsh


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  • IssaMaggie


    Listen to upbeat music, make a gratitude journal, call or text with a friend

  • Reapunzel


    Connection is so important. Even if you're brain tells you it's dumb, reaching out to a friend/family can be helpful.

  • Scar9090


    Well just rest and talk to someone who you trust and will understand what your going through

  • darkstarrynight


    Cry, and sigh. Write any feelings of sadness, and anything that's on your mind in a journal. (Personally, I have a vent journal, where I write unfiltered.)

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