This morning at around 7am eaten a fresh peach then at 9:20am I just finished eating some Watermelon and mixed it with Strawberry Yogurt. was delicious but straight after the very last night a massive wave of stomach pain came on. it was gradually increasing. I noticed the pain seem to trigger more if I took deep breaths

by 10am the pain was a 10 on a 0-10 pain chart. I forced myself throw up thinking that maybe it was food poison related.

slowly I felt better but around 11:30 I eaten a banana to help get some nutrients in me, pain came back after eating that was around scale or 7

I sat down, try to position myself to see if that would help. I got in a awkward position on the couch and I think that helped.

I drank water to help flush what it was out , think it could be a virus.

2pm, I taken some Pepcid AC and drank a small amount of ginger ale soda to see if that would help, right after swallowing everything the pain became a 9 and subsided after 10 minutes down to a scale of 4

from then on for the rest of the day I just drank water.

I had to lay down alot today, the strangest part is I never had any other symptoms except for discreet abdomen pain. I didn't even get nauseated, no dizziness etc

I changed positions throughout the day it pain came in a wave. changing position helped a lot. at 9:40 p.m. the pain is gone for right now.

but there's another problem, I'm actually scared to eat.. because I don't want an encore of today

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