I'm having a terrible morning. First, I get on the bus. I'm anxious as hell because my heart is beating so hard. then, the bus driver kicks everyone off the bus so I'm basically stranded in a town I'm not familiar with at all. then I call my mom. I tell her I'm stranded and what does she do? laughs with her whole class about me being stranded. I hang up and start balling at this point. I take this as a sign I should go home. then my friends and sister all try to contact me saying my mom is upset she can't get to me. the nerve of her. so I'm in bed now. how was your day? 😅

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Dad.of.Many


    Sorry you had a Murphy's Law day. Those can be the worst. My day started off like every day. I go to the bathroom and lay back down. Pain and mobility issues don't allow much. Plus I just got over bronchitis... so weak. Had to unclog my vacuum and the dust started me coughing again and now I feel like I'm relapsing. Prednisone has me jittery and crying over everything. Ugh. It's been a day

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