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Have you had the surgery? Do you think it was beneficial? Did it affect your quality of life (good or bad)? I am looking for advice/guidance :)

    • May23


      Hi! I had the surgery last year after years of dealing with undiagnosed endo. They told me it might not help or it could, it was all over the place. The surgery greatly improved my quality of life for the better I still struggle with painful periods but they are nothing like they were neither is the pain. Only thing I struggle with post surgery is the really strong birth control they put me on. Kind of hating that right now but the surgery really helped.

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"I'm grateful that I got the surgery, because it drastically improved the quality of life. Even though I sometimes do feel pain, it's a lot less severe and a lot less frequent than it used to be before the surgery. My posture is a lot better than it was before the surgery, and I'm able to sit and stand straight. Overall, the benefits outweigh the negatives, and I'm so grateful and happy that I got the surgery." Another person mentioned, "I'm happy with my fusion! I do still have pain, but it's nowhere close to what it was before surgery. I have had trouble with MRIs though. It didn't move anything out of place though, thankfully." Someone else shared, "I had both knees replaced 10 years ago. I still do the exercises I had to do before & after surgery. I have very little pain. Mostly the weather affects them the most."

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