I have tourrettes and when they are calmer I'm able to suppress my tics for a decent amount of time but it causes me a lot of pain. It feels like something in crawling under my skin trying to get out. It is the worst feeling and I usually get very emotional in those moments as well. Does anyone else experience this?

Tourette Syndrome (TS)

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  • wonkers


    ✋yes I didn't even know what my tourettes was until recently and I was completely surprised when I found out cause I didn't know you could hold them!! I usually have a fit of tics later if I do hold them in mine are all body twitches look like mini seizures!!

  • IsabellaJ


    Yeah! My best way of suppression with the least side affects is normally hyper fixating as much as possible, but just normal suppression is really hard for me and whenever I do it's like they just explode afterwards, one better way is trying to reform them into other tics, like a yell into a bunch of facial tics, or arm spasms into locking, goodluck though! And if you need to supress for people, know their not worth your time, they should enjoy you as you are, with tics and all

    • Javen


      I've just been suppressing them at work a lot. I haven't told anyone at my job about it and its getting to be a lot.

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