caffeine is the only thing keeping me going. I just want to be a healed person but therapy ain't helping the only reason I am still getting up in the morning is legit caffeine and work. i am tired of this I just want to lay down in cry but I can't cry so all I can do is lay there till the caffeine calls my name then I just get a faster depression. lol 😞


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  • David1212


    Are you going for treatment? You don't have to deal with depression alone. There are many people who can help you with this. From your family and friends who love you and care about you to professionals like psychologists or psychiatrists. Today, after years of treatment and balance, I can say that it's a shame that I didn't start taking care of myself earlier and let it take over my life instead of doing the opposite. I suggest not wasting time and start acting on the issue.

    • Marcaroni22


      I left have no friends that card. My family believes that nothing can be wrong with me since I am young last time I went to therapy my mom laughed at me going and my therapist didn't help at all

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