TW: SI and self-harm.

a few nights ago I made an attempt and ended up in the hospital. I have a very poor memory of that night, but I remember feeling lost and out of control. I woke up in the hospital and both my arms had chaotic scratches and cuts. I stopped being suicidal after resting in the hospital for awhile. They let me go. now I feel so bad about what happened. I'm not having SI now, but I'm looking at my arms in disbelief.
all day I felt very confused and faint. I don't even remember why I started writing this post...nvm


Memory Loss

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  • Charlie1901


    It’s completely normal and common to forget traumatic events. You aren’t alone in this, I’m glad you are still here💜

  • AnimalBoy


    It's normal to have memory loss and brain fog after traumatic events, this definitely counts. It's good you're still here, but you should seek some kind of support system and do something comforting to help you destress and decompress from it.

  • Officialishness


    Arm wraps and long sleeves can help you adapt. It’s not uncommon to have som disassociation regarding SI or SH, and for me covering up my arms are trying to “get back to normal” helped me adjust. Looking at the wounds felt weird and jarring so that helped until they healed that way I didn’t have that feeling as often. Maybe that can help? Glad you are out of the hospital though and hope you know we are all here for you ❤️

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