I'm a young, recently single mother, and living with family. I'm so overwhelmed! Out of an abusive relationship as well as I can be, while co-parenting is necessary, and my self-esteem is struggling a lot. I have a hard time feeling motivated to be productive, but it's hard to stick through with commitment.

Complex post traumatic stress disorder


Lack of adequate sleep

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  • mimikuku


    You're among friends here. I have trouble motivating myself to be productive too but I'm also learning that productivity means nothing if I am still hurting. Trying to be gentle with myself while trying this whole adulting thing. My inbox is open if you want to talk more!

  • Angii


    Making up good reasons for the scenarios I go through has helped me get past things. But most of all phycology, the back bone of life gave me closure and the stability and understanding I needed for things to keep me strong and pushing.💕

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