what is it when you cant stand having and looking at ur own face bc it hasnt changed at all and is easily associated with your old self. cant stand as in ive been wondering how to pull off wearing a mask or using makeup to become unrecognizable..

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    first of all cool username, i went by kris for awhile as a reference to chrysoprase, many years ago you have some options. honestly, changing your hair can have HUGE effect on how your face looks. i look so different with a different haircut and different colour that most people don't recognise me. of course, there's still some of my face there, but i almost "wear" it different. this is my strongest recommendation. makeup is a good option. try eye shape changing eyeliner, changing your eyebrows to be more or less prominent, or outlining your nose. you should also try and get used to your face - one thing i did is distance myself from it. it's the body and face i inhabit, even if my true self is something different. in doing that, i've come to accept this as "my" face because i own it, not because it's a representation of who i am. it's like a car or shoes - i can dress them up however i like but at the end of the day, it's just a possession, not an identity i also personally think full face masks are super cool, and have been looking to design one myself to wear everywhere in public. if it'd help to hide your face from others, you could definitely try it, though it would be a hassle. is there any dysphoria in your dislike for your face? in that case, you could do things to masculinize or feminize your face. blending both can make you look very different too. masculine options could be kohl eyeliner instead of liquid, accenting jaw with makeup, cutting hair shorter. feminine could be winged liquid eyeliner and mascara, longer hair (try curling or straightening it), shaving if you grow facial hair, rounding your cheeks, thinner eyebrows. hormones could be an option if you're interested in them and havent started them, but definitely take some time to think it through as the changes can be permanent and very intense. if you have started but stopped before much change happened, that's still an option for change. piercings and tattoos need more forethought, but those could always be an option too. do you have an eating disorder? if not, you might try losing or gaining weight, because it can really change how your face looks. and finally, you could change your style of clothes if you havent - tighter or looser clothes, or more feminine or masculine clothes can really change the shape of your body and appearance, and will change how you look both to yourself and to others. let me know what you think and if i could help you think of other ideas.

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