I've been cutting since middle school and I only do it on one half of my body for the most part. I have so many scars from my shoulder to my wrist and a few on my stomach and thigh but it doesn't feel like enough. There's always someone who has it worse- deeper cuts, more of them, etc. and I hate myself for both comparing and for "falling short". It's the worst mentality ever and I know a lot of people share it. I feel guilty for not having as many scars and not cutting as frequently and it's so stupid. I feel bad because I don't have an addiction- I consciously choose to cut and have gone months not doing it. I am in control and I still do it. I don't know why and if anyone were to ask I wouldn't know how to respond.

Self-inflicted injury

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  • andyiguess


    I feel the same way. I've stopped cutting my arms bc it's harder to hide those from my family, but the scars I used to have on my arms have faded to the point where you basically can't see them. It makes me feel like, the reasons I cut weren't as important as ppls scars that show? Which is so dumb bc it's just the way my body is healing idk

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