Ive been having this problem where i cant process that im real and when i try i have a panic attack. I think its been going on forever and I just never realized it was an issue until recently. I did some research and most things say it’s probably DPDR or OSDD. I was wondering if anyone who had one can relate.

Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD)


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  • kelianne


    I have depersonalization but i never feel unreal. Its always that i'm not fully there and in control. External things feel unreal but im aware that im real

  • Erebyssian


    I can relate. This will happen to me as a trigger if I see myself in the mirror sometimes. My biggest fear is that when it makes me dissociate and I don't feel like im real or my surrounding are is that it'll last forever and one day I'll wake up from it and actually not recognize myself or family

    • Scallop


      Yeah! I feel like this and also the idea that other people know i exist!? Its so strange but when i think about the fact that other people talk about me, negative or positive, it feels wrong

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