Been purging so much more than I used to but no one believes me because I'm still overweight

Bulimia Nervosa



Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Maryn123


    Hi, I understand you very well. The weight is not related to the periods of purging, in fact most of the people I know who suffer from bulimia are actually overweight or at a normal weight and not necessarily anorexics. I think you should go see a psychiatrist and talk to him about these things. All periods of purging are very unhealthy and can even be dangerous. Are you under psychiatric supervision?

    • Bluefire


      I have a psychiatrist, and I had a doctor at the psych ward I went to, but I'm so scared to talk to a doctor about this because the doctors at the hospital told me I "ate enough" and hinted I was too overweight for anyone to help me. So I kept eating like 40% of the huge amount of food they have us there and purging. I didn't want help with the food, I wanted a replacement shakes like I sometimes use at home because my throat hurt so bad from doing it constantly, but no one wants to validate someone without a diagnosis, and no one wants to diagnose someone who's overweight. It really helps to hear you know someone with bulimia who aren't super skinny, it helps to know I'm not alone

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