Hey yall, ive been on this medication for almost a year now which is awesome and its working really well however i have hit this horrible mental block where i get so anxious i am barely able to do the injection i am back to where i was in the first few months and i dont get it. Can anyone else relate or have any tips?


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  • Proud_Ankylosaur


    I can absolutely relate and I think that it's a lot more common than we know. As for tips and tricks just think about what life was like before you were on it. For me that gave enough focus for the 3 or 4 injections that gave me real worries. I've been on it for over 6 years now, and every so often I still have to count myself in with a 1,2,3, click... It's normal. And you're a badass. You've got this, 👍

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