What can I do about having no friends? it's been really bothering me. I struggle really badly with maintaining friendships and find it exhausting meeting with people in person. I used to have a small friend group in high school but they rarely invited me to anything. and now since moving for college I've found myself with 0 friends. I interact with people at work and talk to them and I just have my boyfriend who is the only person I talk to outside of my mom and my little sister. I'm feeling really just broken down and lost at this point.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Dopaminne


    You sound just like me lmao. Maybe we can be friends?

  • kat32


    I have felt very similarly for years, which is part of why I downloaded this app. I have made a couple of friends on here. I am also in college and did not have friends from 13 until a few internet friends now at 20. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to be friends 🙂

  • PurplePenguinsPolka


    I'm here for friends too if anyone wants to chat

  • Turtle_


    For me ive found that i’ve felt the best when i accept that im alright without friends. Obviously friends are nice, but if I’m not happy on my own i wont be happy with others. Everyone finds the right people for them, but it takes time and putting pressure on yourself to make friends just puts you in friendships with the wrong people. And your sister can be your friend and there’s nothing wro my with that. Im not trying to minimizehow awful it can feel without friends but the real change happens within yourself!

  • sammyyy



  • jorda


    I'm in the same boat & have zero friends and I've never been in a relationship 😥 I've grown accustomed to being this way & get extreme social anxiety when I think about making a friend. People I used to talk to loved being around me however the friendships eventually slowly go more & more distant until we never speak again 🥺 I'm not weird or anything, I just don't put myself out there like others & am not that social

  • Cat819


    I have the exact same problem. I want to make friends but I end up with people who just want to take advantage of me

  • Zoey_Val


    Same here, my bf, my mom, and younger sister lol. I had a hard time maintaining friendships after college because of distance, everyone is busy etc. it’s worse with my health being bad too. I think online friends and communities can be great I know that many people prefer meeting in person but zoom calls, Skype etc are great alternatives.

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