hi im girly28, i was diagon with a severe case of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as a young child was on methotrexate and humira for 6 years. I've been in remission for a few years but am struggling to deal with the aftermath. Especially since i found out that i have fibromyalgia. I also have a lot of struggles with mental illness due to my physical sickness. Here to talk and finally meet people i can relate too.


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  • Hailo


    Hey! I was diagnosed super young with JRA as well!! I was in remission for a long time after getting diagnosed and didn’t come out until covid it and it caused my immune system to flare up again. I took methotrexate for a month and that month was hell for me, so I cannot relate to you on that aspect very well haha. I’m currently on hydroxycloroquin (i really don’t know how to spell it lol) and meloxicam. Those seem to be working the best for me, but my body still struggles a lot. I find it’s extremely hard for me to do any strenuous exercise.

  • kiriohs


    i was also diagnosed with JRA at 3 years old and i’ve been on and off meds for years now and finally started xeljanz

  • Debastating


    I’m 29 and was diagnosed at 8 years old but had symptoms since I was 5 years old. Mine is also severe and really aggressive. Just know you aren’t alone in this! 💕

  • Aspenes


    Hi! I was diagnosed at fours years old with JIA then went into remmison at age 8 and what I did to help with the aftermath was try applying heat to the pain, I hate a bear that the hospital gave me that warms up in the microwave that helped and I still use today to help with pain Bc I got rediagnoed at age 13 and the doctors also gave me torodol to take when ever I need it so if you can somehow get access to that it really helps!

  • Magpie3


    Hey! I got diagnosed at 2 and then again at 14 and then again at 16. My diagnosis changes a lot, but I originally had polyarticular JIA but now I have AS. I tried methotrexate, it helped a bit but the side effects and PTSD of my mom stabbing me with a little needle didn’t help at such a young age. I tried sulfasalazine and some other ones but those didn’t work either. I currently live in constant pain. I now take Humira and it’s going okay but not fantastic.

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